4 Best Websites to Make Money with Stock Photos For Beginners

4 Best Websites to Make Money with Stock Photos For Beginners


Is there anything like free stock photos that you can download, copy, and resell online to make money for free?

In this article, I’m going to show you a step-by-step guide on how anyone can make money with stock photos by simply taking free pictures from the internet and then reselling them to earn money online. You can sell them on a range of different products, such as posters, mugs, pillowcases, and even phone cases.
I’ll also show you some brand-new websites where you can find free images to copy and resell to make money online, as well as some new tips, tricks, strategies, and case studies of people who have successfully used this method to earn money legally. And the word “legally” is critical, because here’s the thing, you cannot simply come in and copy any image you find on the internet and then sell it.

What is the implication?

You’d probably get a cease-and-desist letter, and possibly even a lawsuit. Why? It’s because these images are protected by what’s known as copyright. Essentially, whenever you draw or paint a picture, it is immediately protected by law under the concept of copyright. You are not required to register for it. Copyright means that only you have the legal right to use your art, even for commercial purposes.

The problem with copyright protection is that it does not last forever. For example, when someone dies, their work enters the public domain, so copyright protection is only valid for a limited time, and this is done for a reason. It’s because making artwork available to the public helps to foster creativity and inspiration for future works.

I will show you lots of different and creative ways to make money with stock photos that people are doing right now. This can be a free fun side hustle to earn extra cash on the side each month. Let me show you four websites that you can use to find this artwork.


If you go to Wikipedia and search for a famous historical artist, you will most likely find reproduction photo images in high quality that you can download and print onto products for free. The biggest problem with Wikipedia is that it’s slow because you have to know who you’re looking for, so this second awesome website here is a much faster way to browse through the amazing paintings on Wikipedia.


This is a massive directory that finds and stores public domain images from all over the internet. So go to the search engine, change the search to fine art, and then type in the type of images you want. So, for example, if you wanted to make a cool flower pillowcase, you could come here and search for flowers, and you’d get a slew of amazing public domain art to choose from. . When you open an image, you’ll notice a link to its original source, which is usually Wikipedia for fine art, which you can then click to open up and find out more information about the painting, as well as download it in a variety of sizes, including its original high-definition version.


So, while this is a large image directory, not all of the photos on it are in the public domain. There are two kinds of pictures here. The first are images created by Rawpixel’s artists that are not in the public domain. By clicking on a picture and then viewing the license information, you can tell. The other is a stunning collection of free public domain images, including some very high-resolution replicas of famous paintings.

To access these, go to the top menu and click on the Public Domain button, not the Rawpixel collection. You can browse through these images, and they are all in high definition, 300 DPI, which is great for printing, and you’ll find all kinds of super cool images on here.

 The Metropolitan Museum of Art

They have made over 400,000 stunning art replica photos available to the public. Given that the Metropolitan Museum is the world’s largest fine art museum, you can imagine that there are some extremely famous pieces to choose from. Rather than looking for popular pieces to resell, my challenge to you is to look through and find some lesser-known pieces that people with niche interests and hobbies would still be interested in purchasing today if they discovered them.

Assume you wanted to find a cool picture of the ocean to sell to people like divers who have a niche interest in the ocean. When you first come here and enter the ocean as a search phrase, you will see that you will get tons of images of all kinds of art, including statues and vases, so the trick is to come to the search bar and filter the results to specifically looking for paintings, and now you’ll be able to see what historical paintings they have available.

And, once again, many of these are completely timeless. Someone who is interested in the ocean, for example, would find this painting very cool to have on merchandise, such as a poster or a phone case, even today. So, if you want to download it, simply click the download button, which will take you to a full-size image of the painting, where you can right-click and download it.

But now here’s the thing.

We now understand how to find lots of cool timeless paintings that we can legally resell onto products. But the question is, how do you do this to earn money? So, let me show you case studies of people who are this successfully in order to hopefully inspire you to come up with your own creative ways and how you can do this, too. And one of the best websites to find these case studies is called Redbubble.

While I’m sure many of you are familiar with Redbubble, the truth is that the vast majority of people are unfamiliar with it, so I’ll quickly explain what it is to those who are unfamiliar. Now, Redbubble is a website that allows you to upload photos for free and sell them on merchandise such as prints, stickers, phone cases,s and much more. It’s a very popular platform to make money with stock photos which everyone can do it.

So this is how it works. First, you create a free account with Redbubble. Next, you upload the image you want to sell and you give it a title, relevant keywords as tags, and a description. After that, you browse through Redbubble’s products that can be printed with your image and select the ones you believe will look best. You can edit your image on each product to make it look the way you want it to, and then you save it.

Redbubble will now create product pages on its website for each of your products. Every month, Redbubble receives tens of millions of visits from customers looking for cool products with awesome niche art that they couldn’t find in a big chain store. However, your product pages will be live in minutes, and customers will be able to come and find your pictures to buy the products that you selected. 

Then, whenever a customer purchases one of these items, one of Redbubble’s print shops will print your design onto the product, package it, and ship it to the customer. They will collect the money paid by the customer, deduct their production fees, and then pay you the profit as a commission. As of the fiscal year 2021, Redbubble had made over $650 million selling merchandise on behalf of its users, so it can be a really nice side hustle to bring in extra cash each month.


If you think repurposing free public domain art to sell with print-on-demand products on Etsy or Redbubble sounds great, my advice is to read the terms and conditions first, because just because it’s legal to sell public domain art doesn’t mean that a website like Redbubble can’t choose to restrict how they are to be used on their private website.

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