How to Make Money on Youtube Without Being Monetized In 2023- 7 Best Strategies

How to Make Money on Youtube Without Being Monetized In 2023- 7 Best Strategies

 So, you’re not yet monetized on YouTube, but you’d like to start earning money? You’re in luck because, in this article, I’m going to teach you seven ways to make money without being monetized.

When it comes to YouTube channels, many people believe that AdSense is the only way to monetize and make money from your channel, which is why so many people focus on it. They don’t realize, however, that they don’t have to wait to be monetized in order to make money.

So let’s get started so you can start making money from your channel right away.

1. Affiliate Marketing

The first way to monetize your YouTube channel without AdSense is to join an affiliate program. This is the most effective method, and every content creator should employ it. Affiliate programs, in their most basic form, pay you a commission for referring sales to another company’s product or service. So, if you talk about different products in your videos or do product reviews or anything like that, there may be an affiliate program where you can get compensated for people who buy that product after clicking on your link.

These are known as affiliate links, and many YouTubers, bloggers, and influencers use them because it is one of the simplest ways to make money and monetize your YouTube channel. Affiliate links are so useful now because there are affiliate programs for almost everything. There are links for physical products and goods, but there are also links for software and programs, as well as digital courses. With affiliate links, the sky is the limit. So, look into different affiliate programs that work for you, your channel, and your audience, and start incorporating them into your videos so you can start making money.

You don’t need thousands of subscribers to begin using affiliate links. All you have to do is apply and be accepted into the program before you can begin sharing the product and your affiliate links. Tube Buddy, for example, is a popular affiliate program that every YouTuber can promote on their channel. This is a program that can be used by YouTubers to conduct all SEO research for their YouTube videos.

It has plenty of features for YouTubers and content creators that simplify the process of creating and uploading YouTube videos. You can join their affiliate program and include the affiliate link in the description box of all your videos so that people can click on it and purchase a Tube Buddy license. You will then be paid a commission.

2. Offer Services

Offering services is another way to make money on YouTube without being monetized. So these are the services you provide to people, such as consulting, coaching, audits, and so on. People may contact you through your YouTube videos and say, “Hello, I really like your work. How can I collaborate with you one-on-one?” And this is where a coaching program can help, as you can work with someone individually and devote a lot of attention to assisting them in achieving their goal.

So, with these services, you can basically monetize your channel by using your videos to bring people in, to introduce them to you, and then they want to take it a step further and work with you individually. Offering services is a fantastic idea, and you should definitely consider it if you are a subject matter expert or if you specialize in something because there will always be people who, while they enjoy your videos, want to skip to the front of the line and just get the information. That is where your coaching and consulting services come into play.

3. Sell Digital Products

The next way to make money on YouTube without using AdSense is to sell digital products. These are the items you can sell digitally. Think eBooks, digital courses, online, planners, templates, worksheets — you name it, a digital product exists. These digital products are ideal for YouTubers and small businesses because they allow you to share a variety of tips and strategies in your videos. 

However, if people want something more tangible or want to take it a step further, you can direct them to your digital products. So for example, if you have a finance YouTube channel all about budgeting, you could have a budget spreadsheet that someone could download and then use the budgeting strategies that you share in your videos, and they could then apply it in their real-life for their monthly budget.

4. Merchandise

You can also monetize your channel by selling merchandise. Everyone knows what merch is, especially your YouTubers. There is a reason why people want to be a part of you and your brand, and one way they can do so is by wearing your gear. And you don’t have to wait until you’re monetized to do it. There is a wide range of merchandise available, and it does not have to be t-shirts. Sweatshirts, hats, mugs, pencils, pens, and other items are acceptable; the sky is the limit.

You don’t have to have a certain number of subscribers before you start selling merchandise. You can either print your own merchandise and manage and sell it yourself, or you can use a company like Redbubble, which is essentially a print-on-demand merchandise shop that is fantastic.

5. Sponsorship Deals

You can also make money on YouTube without being sponsored. Sponsorships do not require you to be monetized or even that large. Sponsorships are situations in which a company will pay to have their product, service, or company mentioned in your YouTube videos. It will be directly promoted in your YouTube video, and you will be compensated for doing so. And the most common misconception is that you must have thousands of subscribers before you can be sponsored, which is completely false. I know of a channel that received a sponsorship deal despite having only 800 subscribers, so the sky is the limit.

Obviously, the rate will be much lower because your audience is much smaller, but you may find that companies are willing to pay that. So, when it comes to monetizing your YouTube channel, don’t overlook sponsorships.

6. Fan Funding

The next way to monetize your YouTube channel is through fan funding. Fan Funding, also known as Tip Jar, allows viewers to donate money to their favorite channels. This is where your fans and audience will financially support you through one-time or monthly donations. So this can be as simple and straightforward as having a PayPal or Venmo button where people can donate a few dollars here and there, or it can be as sophisticated as using websites like Patreon.

Patreon is one of the most popular and fastest-growing methods of fan funding. And Patreon allows you to have different levels and tiers for people to pledge at. You can do this on a one-time, per-project, or monthly basis, and it’s a great way to get income into your channel to help support you and your business.

7. Video Licensing

Finally, licensing videos is another way to make money with your YouTube videos. You can charge someone to use your video on their platforms in exchange for a license. There are a few companies and websites, such as Junkin Media, where you can submit your various videos into a database or library. So that when people are looking for videos to license, you can appear. So don’t think that just because you put a video on YouTube, that’s the only place you can put it. Certainly not. You can use that video to make money in other ways, and licensing is a great way to do so.

There you have it, guys, seven ways to make money right now with your YouTube channel.

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