How to Make Money on Pinterest In 2023(For Beginners)

How to Make Money on Pinterest In 2023(For Beginners)

 Why am I writing this article on how to make money on Pinterest and not something else? After all, Pinterest is a platform that’s probably best known for saving your favorite brownie recipe or trying DIY hacks that never quite turn out the way they’re supposed to.

So you might be wondering why Pinterest? Why not Facebook? Why not Instagram? why am I tackling this social media platform and talking about how to make money with it? The answer is really that I think there are a lot of misconceptions about Pinterest and it’s actually a pretty cool platform with a lot of potentials. I mean the platform is no joke. 

It has over 431 million active users and one-third of the users are men. what’s even more surprising is that households with high income are about twice as likely to use Pinterest as households with low income, so in all this is a massive social media platform with millions of users, thousands of different interest groups, and a lot of high-income households.

Now, the question is how can you make money with Pinterest, and is this worth your time? In this article, you’re going to find out know six different ways you can use to make money on Pinterest. Some of these options don’t even require having a website or blog so there’s truly something in this one for everyone to make money.

Without further ado, here are the six different ways to make money on Pinterest.

Sell Pinterest graphics 

You can sell Pinterest graphics to people who are active on Pinterest because I think this is a fairly low effort way of how to make money on Pinterest and there’s actually a lot of demand if you know where to look. So this is truly a simple way to make money and the idea is to create eye-catching pin graphics or templates for people and sell them to them for an upfront cost.

If you look on websites like Fiverr you will see that there are dozens or even hundreds of other people doing the same thing selling pins to people and charging about $2 to $3 per pin and they usually sell them in bulk packages so you know you can buy 5 pins or 10 pins or maybe even 50 or 100 at a time and it’s a nice little side hustle if you know some graphic design skills. 

Offer Pinterest management services

 If you’re good at creating amazing Pinterest pins, then you can set up your own digital marketing business and offer Pinterest management deals where you basically charge people/businesses a flat monthly to manage their Pinterest account. This could be in the form of optimizing their account a bit, managing their Pinterest boards, and making some new pins. 

Depending on the deal, you can charge as much as $300 per month or more, and this is a great way of how to make money on Pinterest. it’s not really different than running someone’s Instagram account or Facebook group, it’s just based more on graphic design and board.

Affiliate marketing

Now a few years ago I remember Pinterest was just this cesspool of affiliate links and spam and they’ve cleaned it up a lot since then. So it’s still great for affiliate marketing but definitely not as spammy as it used to be. But for starters, the most basic form of affiliate marketing you can really do with Pinterest is to use it as a traffic source and funnel that traffic to affiliate heavy posts you have on a blog.

For example, you can make an eye-catching pin on how to make money online, and when readers see that pin they click it and they go to a web page that’s stuffed with affiliate links for different programs. In the case that they click on any of that affiliate links and make a purchase, you get a commission and this can be a passive source of income.

 Sell your own products

Another best way of how to make money on Pinterest is to sell your own products or to sell print-on-demand products. Like I just mentioned with affiliate marketing, Pinterest is a pretty sweet traffic source if you get the pins right and so during my research on this, I’ve actually found a lot of people using Pinterest to drive traffic to Etsy or different shops that they have. Judging by the sales I’m seeing, this is a strategy that works. 

Pinterest is honestly a cool way to sell physical products or digital downloads. The bottom line is Pinterest is a sweet traffic source and you can definitely use it to sell some merchandise if you are the creative type.

 Use Pinterest as a traffic source for your youtube channel

The reason I have decided to throw in this idea is that I haven’t really heard many people mentioning it and it’s something I’ve just started experimenting with it recently as well. let’s say you’ve made a Youtube channel or you’re interested in starting on Youtube to make money but you’re not really getting a lift on your videos. I mean like Youtube search isn’t picking you up and you’re kind of lost and you don’t really know what to do. Your next best bet is to start promoting your videos and Pinterest is one of the best platforms to do this with.

All you need to do is to create eye-catching pins and promote your videos and you will start to get organic traffic to your Youtube channel every single day. This will help you get more views and subscribers and in turn, make you more money from Youtube Ad revenue or other forms of monetization on your channel.

 Sell optimization services 

The final way of how to make money on Pinterest is to sell optimization services. So once again the beautiful world of Fiverr shows us that there are a lot of SEO experts who have turned to Pinterest now and are selling these services where they essentially look into people’s Pinterest accounts, take a deep dive into the analytics and optimize their boards and pin descriptions to drive more traffic.

If you’re kind of offering pin design already on Pinterest management services, I think in a way it makes sense to upsell people with this optimization package or service once again. The real key here is you should build your own Pinterest account first so you learn the basics and you actually understand what is successful on Pinterest, and what’s not but I think it’s a kind of cool and niche idea that you can use to upsell a service or to get into a less competitive area of making money on Pinterest.

Those are my six different ideas for how you can make money on Pinterest and I wish you good luck.

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