2 Best Online Platforms to Make Money For Beginners

2 Best Online Platforms to Make Money For Beginners


There are numerous ways to make money online thanks to the internet. There are numerous legitimate websites and social media platforms where you can earn a part-time or full-time income from home.

Facebook and Instagram are probably the most straightforward. You can make a lot of money on those two social media platforms with a small investment and the right program. Find a step-by-step guide to using these two platforms to make money below.

 Facebook strategy

Facebook is the world’s most popular social media platform. Anyone, whether they own a full-fledged business or only have one item to sell, can make money on Facebook. Consider some of these ideas to supplement your income or start a side hustle if you only use Facebook to message friends and take quizzes.

For the majority of these strategies, the quality of your Facebook profile will be your best way to make a first impression. On Facebook, there are a lot of spammers who promise the world but never deliver.

You don’t want to be one of these people because your chances of success are extremely low. Make sure your Facebook profile portrays you as a real person. In the profile picture or cover photo section, include a photo of yourself or your company’s logo.
Here are the top five Facebook money-making strategies:

A- Earn money by selling Products

You have the option of selling a product that you believe has the potential to make you money. You can create a personalized digital storefront Facebook Shops, and your collections may be visible on both platforms if it is accessible from both your Instagram Profile and your Facebook Page.

In a mobile-first environment, shops present their brand and products. Customers will be able to find your shop after you publish it on your mobile device using the Facebook or Instagram apps.

Your store will be viewed in full-screen immersive mode, and your collections will be presented to customers as personalized products. People will see new inventory in their News Feed or on their Facebook shop tab when you add it, and they will receive a notification to encourage them to visit your shop.

B- Earn money through Facebook Marketplace

Selling items on Facebook Marketplace can help you make money. It is a Facebook page where users can make arrangements to buy, sell or trade items with others. You can make money by listing your own physical products or the products of other companies.

C- Earn money by performing Facebook digital marketing tasks

You can handle Facebook company digital marketing tasks such as managing social media posts, moderation of Facebook company pages, SEO, creating trending memes, and so on if you are an expert. You can earn at least $2,000 per month if Facebook hires you to do this type of work.

D- Earn money from Facebook pages

You can monetize Facebook pages by sponsoring posts or selling your own products. Locate your target audience and create your page. Once you have a large enough following, you can even try to sell the pages to larger brands willing to pay a reasonable price for them. Here are some ideas for monetization:

  • You can sell products through the page
  • Sell ad space on the page to larger brands
  • You can sell courses on the page
  • Directly sell the page

E- Earn money by using Facebook Adsense

You can make money with FACEBOOK ADSENSE by sending traffic to a paid website. Simply put, you drive traffic from Facebook to your website, and people can earn money by clicking on the ad on your website. Here’s how you can begin:

  • Obtain Adsense approval for your website
  • Start creating interesting content on the website
  • Promote these articles on Facebook using paid Ads
  • Examine your Adsense earnings and continue to optimize your Facebook campaigns

Instagram strategy

What if you could earn money on Instagram on a consistent basis? Other influencers have used Instagram to generate a steady stream of leads and clients, and you can too.
And no…

You don’t have to be famous on Instagram to make a living from it. Posting high-quality content and engaging with your audience are excellent places to begin, but these are growth strategies. We must become more sophisticated in terms of the type of content we post, who we interact with, and how we interact with them in order to monetize.

Nobody gets rich by simply posting whatever they want. You must listen to your audience and not be afraid to make an offer from time to time. If you want to make money online with Instagram and grow it into something bigger, use these strategies.

A- Share Sponsored Content

Getting paid by attracting sponsors to your Instagram account is a great way to make money. You identify brands in your industry, reach out to them, and some of them agree to become sponsors.

Some people make six figures using this strategy alone, but there is one catch…

Before you can approach sponsors, you must first build an audience. I’m talking about thousands of followers and active engagement. Sponsors will not consider you if you do not have that. As your audience grows to meet sponsorship requirements, you can promote affiliate offers.

Make sure to include a shortened version of the affiliate link in your bio during this promotion. You can also use a service like Link Tree to include multiple links in your bio to highlight different offers.

B- Convert Followers Into Customers

Some of your followers will pay you to be their clients if you present them with the right opportunity. You do not have to convert all of your followers into customers. Rather, all you need to do is convert enough of your followers into clients to earn decent money.

Assume you want to earn $2,000 per month; at this price point, you only need to convert about 4 Instagram followers into clients willing to pay $500 per month for your service. The way you price your services will determine how many clients you’ll need to reach $2,000 per month, but with a monthly service, you only need to do the work once.

In other words, if you get 4 clients from Instagram at $500 per month and they stay with you forever, you’re making $2,000 per month even if you don’t get another client from that platform.

So, how do we go about getting clients?

The first step is to choose a client avatar. What is the average age of your client? What industry do they work in? What do they require assistance with? Do you target a specific gender? The more questions you ask and answers you get, the clearer your target audience becomes. If you already have clients, identify some of their common characteristics and look for people who share them.

Discuss the type of work you do in your posts. Then, invite people to your DMs if they have any questions or want to receive a free guide. If you want to convert your followers into customers, you must begin communicating with them in the DMs.

Almost none of these people will become clients right away, but they will become acquainted with you in the DMs. These people will grow to trust you as you consistently post valuable content. Trust, combined with a built-in call to action in one of your posts, will convert followers into customers.

C- Send Your Fans to Money-Making Pages

Getting clients opens the door to recurring revenue, but not everyone is ready to take that step. Some people might want to test the waters by receiving your free offer in exchange for their email addresses first. You can use Instagram to fill your funnel on a daily basis, introducing new people to your core offers.


The key to making money online with online platforms is to plan ahead of time what you will post and who you will target. When you’re deliberate about these two key areas, you’ll be able to make a lot of money on autopilot every month and quickly scale up from there.

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